This data shows the lousiest Burnaby areas for crashes

The good news is crashes are actually going down in Burnaby.

The bad news is there are still too many crashes in Burnaby and some areas are downright terrifying based on the latest ICBC data (you can check things out for yourself here.)

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Burnaby saw more than 93,000 crashes from 2015 to the end of 2019, with a high of 20,209 in 2017.

The good news, as I mentioned, is that the number dropped to 17,375. That’s the lowest numbers in the five years listed on the ICBC site.

Burnaby had the third-highest number of crashes in B.C., which makes sense because the city has the third-highest population behind Surrey and Vancouver (283,000 crashes during the same period).

The worst street in Burnaby for crashes is Kingsway with 7,183 during this period. Kingsway, of course, is a long road through Burnaby, but the data by ICBC lists the worst intersections along the way.

Kingsway and Willingdon is by far the worst intersection with more than 1,200 crashes, followed by Kingsway intersecting with Royal Oak (691) and with Nelson (778). That’s not a big surprises as all three intersections are in the busy Metrotown area.

Other terrible roads in Burnaby include Lougheed Highway (1,633), not really a surprise, but also Still Creek with 853.

Lougheed and Willingdon was also a mess with nearly 1,000 crashes in five years.

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