Baby driver demands Burnaby cyclist ‘move over’ - then gets dangerously close

Chris Campbell

If you’re wondering why I used the term “baby driver” in the headline of this blog, it’s not because the driver in question is as cool as the one in the 2017 heist movie.

No, it’s because the driver in question is just a baby. A dumb, impatient, dangerous baby.

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Burnaby cyclist Tristan Calvo, who sent me video of his wife nearly getting hit on Kingsway, sent me more helmet-cam video detailing what he goes through on a daily basis while riding his bike in Burnaby.

In this video (posted below), Calvo pulls up to a red light, clearly in the right lane and giving plenty of space to the driver on the left. Up ahead, across the intersection, the road narrows into one lane and there is a vehicle parked.

You can hear on the video the baby driver pull up behind Calvo and say, “Hey, can you move over? I want to get ahead…” – I can’t quite make out the rest.

Calvo says no because then he would no longer be on the road.

When the light goes green, Calvo pedals ahead and the baby driver impatiently swerves around the vulnerable cyclist before speeding off.

The baby driver could have just waited a couple of extra seconds for Calvo to be clear, but, well, he’s a big manbaby with somewhere important to go.

“It blows my mind that people are in such a hurry that they don't care if they are putting other people at risk or injury or death,” said Calvo. “I hope by bringing it to attention it may educate and help reduce people getting hurt.”

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