BCLC is warning parents not to give kids lottery tickets because some people are dumb

Chris Campbell

Today in bad parenting we have an item from the B.C. Lottery Corporation.

BCLC actually had to send out a news release reminding parents and adults that “lottery products such as Scratch & Wins are a form of gambling, and not suitable gifts for children and minors,” according to a news release.

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“This year’s #GiftSmart campaign encourages responsible play and responsible gift giving through online and social media outreach, as well as through digital signage at more than 3,500 lottery retailers and all casinos and community gaming centres across the province … It is important that parents and adults understand the impacts associated with underage gambling and the effects that exposure can have at a young age.”

According to the BCLC, “research has shown a correlation between the introduction of gambling products to those who are underage and potential problem gambling behaviour later in life. In fact, kids are more likely to gamble than to do drugs, smoke cigarettes or drink alcohol, yet it is a topic that parents discuss less.”

Oh, and in case you didn't know this, don't give children loaded handguns for Christmas.

If you hear a loud banging sound, that’s me hitting my head on a desk thinking about why in some bleeping bleepity bleep adults would give children lottery tickets.

Please, people, give your heads a shake.

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