Burnaby cops handed out a truckload of tickets to jackass drivers at this intersection

Chris Campbell

Burnaby RCMP tweeted the other day about how its officers dealt with a traffic situation involving bonehead drivers.

I’m talking about one of the city’s worst intersections, Canada Way and Kensington Avenue.

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What happens is impatient drivers heading westbound on Canada Day are trying to bypass the two lanes of traffic veering north onto Kensington towards Highway 1.

To do this – brace yourselves – they are driving into the intersection and then suddenly hanging a right around the large median before trying to shoehorn back into the traffic flow to get on the highway.

It’s totally illegal and stupid and enraging – but never underestimate the brazen stupidity of an impatient driver. Or their shamelessness as they block an entire intersection with their move.

Imagine not minding making a jackass out of yourself.

kensington twoAfter a series of complaints, since Oct. 1 the Burnaby RCMP Traffic Section has worked to clamp down on the situation. In less than a month, the cops issued a whopping 199 tickets to drivers at this intersection. The vast majority of the tickets were due to drivers bypassing traffic and making an illegal right turn.

Talk about fish in a barrel.

Look, I get it. Traffic sucks in Burnaby during rush hour, especially along Canada Way.

It’s likely taking time off of your lives trying to get through all of this.

But pulling bonehead moves like this isn’t the way to go about it. You’re going to get hit. Or worse, you’re going to hit someone else.

Maybe try transit. It won’t be any faster, but it’ll keep you from being a dumbass.

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