Burnaby cops warned drivers they would be handing out tickets. Drivers didn’t listen.

Chris Campbell

The Burnaby RCMP’s traffic enforcement section sent out a tweet on Monday about what it planned on doing that day.

Normally warning potential law-breakers about enforcement is not a good idea for police.

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But this is drivers we’re talking about. Dumb drivers. Careless drivers. Reckless drivers.

Burnaby cops could buy Facebook ads giving the exact location they would be stationed at while looking for bad drivers and they would still haul in a trunkload of traffic tickets.

traffic tweet
Drivers didn't heed this warning. SCREENGRAB

In this case, a total of 40 tickets were issued during Monday morning's enforcement by RCMP with an assist from Transit Police.

Out of those 40 tickets, 15 were for distracted driving, according to Burnaby RCMP.

Yes, people driving while on their phones, as though people are able to safely do both of those things at the same time. This dumb behaviour comes with a pricetag. Distracted driving tickets are $368. (I wish the ticket also came with drivers having to watch police take baseball bats to their vehicles, like in Office Space when the three dudes went to town on the copier machine. I guarantee you that if that was one of the penalties, instances distracted driving would plummet.)

The other tickets were for a number of offences, including not wearing a seatbelt, failing to yield and running a red light.

Basically, for being numbskulls.

It’s like fish in a barrel.

Please stop this behaviour so local police can focus on other crimes.

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