Burnaby restaurant films video about how it keeps diners safe

Chris Campbell

With Burnaby restaurants allowed to reopen again for sit-down service amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the big question is how many diners will come back to eat after months of meals at home or through delivery or takeout.

Some Burnaby restaurants are going all out to convince people it’s safe for a sit-down meal. I wrote about La Forchetta recently and the Plexiglass shields it had drilled into each table. Now, another restaurant is selling people on safety with its sleek

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Joey Burnaby in the Brentwood area is promoting safety through a sleek video its parent company shot revealing all the measures it’s taking for sit-down service.

You can watch it below, but it starts with a masked front-of-service staffer guiding you to your table, following by image of chefs, cooks and serving staff all wearing gloves and masks – with the cooking staff wearing face shields as well. I've worked in kitchens before and they are hot and difficult. 

Now imagine doing that in a mask and shield. (With this in mind, please tip heavily.)

It’s all backed by a smooth electronic soundtrack. I’ve never actually tapped my fingers to a safety video before. This is a long way from those safety videos your boss makes you watch.

joey burnaby covid-19
A Joey front-of-service staff member as featured in a new company video. Screenshot

It’s a tough time for restaurants. They’ve taken financial beating and now have to convince people to come back and eat. This kind of effort from Joey and La Forchetta is probably what it will take.

Sadly, not a lot of restaurants have the money to install shields or shoot videos. Small restaurants will struggle just to come up with the money to restock the pantry after so many weeks with little-or-no revenue.

I’m pulling for all of them and not because I hate cooking but because these folks have invested everything into their dreams. I do admit I am especially craving Joey’s lettuce wraps and French fries.

“The Joey team has been working diligently to ensure they have new ways of operating to ensure the health and safety of their guests and their people as we begin reopening,” said a news release. “They have taken the time to test the ‘new normal,’ from making social distancing possible at all times, to sanitizing every surface after each use, to having their teams working with gloves and masks.”

Here are the protocols implemented in their locations to ensure the safety of guests and team

  • All employees must undergo health checks before returning to work.
  • No employee is allowed to work should they display any signs of illness.
  • All employees wear masks and gloves.
  • New training given to employees to ensure their own health and safety as well as others.
  • Social distancing signage displayed throughout the restaurant.
  • Every second table is not in use to ensure physical distancing.
  • Everything is thoroughly sanitized after each use.
  • Nothing is brought to the table until each person is seated, cutlery is wrapped in a napkin.
  • Menus are single use or, preferably, accessible on your mobile phone on our website.
  • Contactless payments are encouraged via our JOEY Pay app or at web.joeypay.com
  • Guests must not enter should they display any signs of illness

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