Burnaby was named one of the 'coziest' cities in Canada. Are you kidding me?

Chris Campbell

The City of Burnaby was named to an interesting list on Friday.

It was listed as #17 on a list of the 55 “coziest” cities in Canada.

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The list was done by Expedia.ca and was apparently culled from the site’s user data.

This was their definition: “What exactly is a cozy city? It’s a place with attractions that provide warmth, relaxation, and community. It’s a city with a welcoming hotel at the end of the night. It’s a town that says, ‘You’re family here.’ To help create our annual coziest cities report, we looked at Expedia.ca hotel data. Each location chosen has at least 100 reviews, with a comfort score of 3.5 stars and higher. In no particular order, these are the coziest places in the country.

Look, I grew up in Burnaby. I love it here. I’ll probably die here. But cozy? That’s a word I haven’t ever associated with this city.

Apparently the people who commented on Burnaby for Expedia hadn’t ever tried to park at Crystal Mall – which requires the patience of a Tibetan monk on tranquilizers. Or driven down Kingsway, which feels about as cozy as shotgunning a Red Bull.

metrotown skyline
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Yes, I feel really cuddly as I’m trying to turn left from Willingdon onto Lougheed Highway at Brentwood.

OK, OK, OK…I understand that there are some quieter parts of our community. South Burnaby near the Fraser River. Deer Lake. Burnaby Lake. Burnaby Mountain.

I get it.

I just think calling Burnaby “cozy” is too much of a stretch. I love this place, but warm and relaxing? I don’t think so.

You can read the complete list here.

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