Good brakes save Burnaby man from reckless driver with no good sense

Chris Campbell

Some people just have a death wish.

OK, perhaps they don’t realize they have a death wish, but it’s still there, lurking.

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Just look at the video below and tell me some people care more about saving a few seconds than they do their own life.

Reader Sam Cho sent me this dash cam video from the intersection of Gaglardi Way and Burnaby Mountain Parkway.

Cho was heading south into the intersection - located just a few hundred feet from where Burnaby resident Charles Masala was killed while cycling – when a vehicle pulled right in front of him.

“As soon as I realized the white Hyundai Santa Fe was turning left in front of my vehicle (also could have been close call), I started to press on my brake pedal and then I further jammed on my break when the dark grey Mazda CX5 SUV decided to recklessly turn left in front of my vehicle after I entered the intersection on green light,” Cho wrote to me in an email.

It’s terrifying. The kind of moment where you might need a clean pair of underwear after.

And for what? Saving a few seconds? Why not just wait instead of taking such a chance?

Thankfully, everyone is OK.

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