Just look at this pick-up privilege in a crowded Burnaby parking lot

Chris Campbell

Ever tried to find a parking spot on the outside lot at Burnaby’s Metrotown mall?

Yeah, it’s like the restaurant battle scene from Kill Bill – with people zig-zagging around the parking lot, fighting for a space.

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It’s kill or be killed because there are never enough spots available. Sometimes it feels like you have a better chance at winning the lottery.

It’s with this in mind that I post a photo from a reader showing an annoying pick-up truck driver showing his privilege by parking his behemoth across two spots at Metrotown.

He could have just used up one spot, but no, he’s too important to do that so he just rolled across two like it wasn’t a terrible thing for a human being to do.

I am not a fan of pick-up trucks on our local roads. They are too big and often their drivers are not skilled enough to handle such size to stay in their lane.

And too many pick-up drivers don’t actually need a pick-up truck. You know the ones – their truck all spotlessly clean and not a scratch in the bed because they’ve never actually put anything in there.

But, they buy one anyways because they need to compensate for something.

I mean, it doesn’t really matter to me as long as you drive safely on the road and don’t hog up two parking spaces like a selfish, entitled goof.

Like this guy.

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