Letter: It's time to jack up pensions for seniors suffering under COVID-19

The Editor, 

We have seen how the Trudeau government has been doling out billions of taxpayer's money, however, has seen fit to provide only $300 tax free to seniors who currently receive Old Age Security and Canada Pension Plan. This is a one time payment! 

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Seniors are those Canadians who have suffered through World Wars and the Great Depression. They have survived by hard work and savings for their retirement. Their savings and investments have been severely affected by COVID-19 and now they are subject to reduced income from investments and possibly faced with selling their residences during a real estate downturn.

Seniors count and are important to Canada, having contributed significantly to the growth of the economy and values of freedom, diversity and equality for all. It is now time for the Trudeau government to come to the table and top up pensions for seniors for an appropriate monthly amount under various COVID-19 programs.

Elwin Mowry, Coquitlam

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