'N' driver with a death wish pulls U-turn in Burnaby traffic

Chris Campbell

NOW reader Tristan Calvo read my blog about a Burnaby mom fighting terrible drivers on Burnaby Mountain and sent me this video of some driver insanity.

And it’s a doozy.

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Calvo captured it with his dash cam. It took place on Nelson Avenue, just off of Marine Way.

Calvo turned left onto Nelson and you can see a white car - with an 'N' sticker, of course, right in front of him suddenly stop in the middle of busy traffic and pull a U-turn.

Fortunately, Calvo was able to stop in time, but it was a jarring moment, he said.

There’s no excuse for pulling an illegal U-turn there, but (I should say this) if you were going to pull a U-turn, why not just pull off to the side and wait for there to be no traffic instead of this lunacy?

OK, forget I even suggested that. This driver is just stupid.

Here’s the video:

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