Opinion: Burnaby cops stop what could be the worst car ever

Chris Campbell

When it comes to driving, you can be the best driver in the world as far as your technique goes.

But if your vehicle is a piece of garbage, you’re still a menace to society.

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That’s what became clear this week when Burnaby RCMP stopped what could be the worst car on local roads.

The traffic enforcement unit of the Burnaby RCMP stopped a car that had multiple violations that included:

  • A driver’s side seatbelt that was broken.
  • A cracked windshield that made visibility nearly impossible.
  • No tread on both rear tires.
  • Lights that didn’t work correctly.
  • An insecure load.

That last item you can see in the photo attached to this blog. It’s some kind of dining room table just strapped to the roof of the car by a flimsy strap.

Brake too hard and that thing will go flying and possibly hit another vehicle. Oh, that’s right, the car can’t actually stop on a dime because the rear tires are balder than my Uncle Jake.

It would be laughable if it wasn’t so dangerous.

Burnaby RCMP officers agreed because they impounded the vehicle. I’m sure that really sucks for the owner of this trash vehicle, but operating a motor vehicle means you need to put a little time and effort and money into maintaining it.

Not for looks, but the safety of the driver, the passengers, pedestrians, cyclists and other drivers.

I remember my first vehicle. It was a 1973 Pinto Roustabout and it was fine for the first six months, but started to fall apart on me. It got to the point where the brakes were, um, shaky.

Did I keep driving it? Hell, no. I took it off the road and started taking transit to school until I had saved up enough money to get it fixed. And, believe me, transit in 1989 was a helluva lot worse then than it is now.

I didn’t do a lot of smart things when I was 19, but that was one of them.

Others drivers need to do the same.

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