Opinion: Burnaby drivers really suck at using their turn signals

Chris Campbell

I had no sooner read some numbers about people not using their vehicles turn signal than some idiot in Burnaby suddenly veered in front of me without any warning.

Apparently this dude doesn’t realize that the thingy sticking out under the steering wheel offers a handy signal to other drivers that you are about to turn.

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I see this terrible behaviour in Burnaby all of the time. Using a turn signal – along with a check on your blind spots – are two really easy ways to not get into accidents.

And yet so many Burnaby drivers just flat-out refuse to do it.

According to a survey by Research Co., in “2018, British Columbia was the undisputed champion of drivers not signalling before turning (83%). This year, the proportion is down considerably to 66%. Other notable reductions in this province include cars taking up two or more spaces in parking lots (from 68% to 44%), drivers not stopping at an intersection (from 67% to 41%) and lane tracking (from 61% to 38%). It may be the beginning of a reassuring trend.”

Well, I don’t know about that. I find it difficult to be reassured about anything Burnaby drivers do.

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Across the country, Research Co. said, “47% of Canadians say drivers in their city or town are worse than they were five years ago. Respondents aged 55 and over (53%) are more likely to believe that the situation is more dire now than those aged 35 to 54 (49%) and those aged 18 to 34 (35%).”

I agree. It’s because people are less patient than they used to be because of technology. They expect everything to work faster now.It’s weird how Richmond drivers get all of the abuse, but Burnaby drivers are equally terrible.

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