Opinion: Burnaby fixed this intersection. Dumb drivers just ignore it

Chris Campbell

A reader followed up my blog from a few days ago about the dangerous Kensington overpass in North Burnaby.

This reader – who didn’t want to be identified because they fear blowback from angry drivers – pointed out that the City of Burnaby did make a change to the overpass to improve safety.

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It’s just that drivers continue to ignore it.

When you turn off of Broadway south towards the overpass and head right to get onto it, there is a merge lane you enter.

The city extended the merge lane pretty recently, creating a “no-go zone” for drivers who have come off of Lougheed and are curving around to go south on Kensington towards Highway 1.

This means drivers curving around are to stay out of this lane to avoid merging drivers.

kensington overpass burnaby
This is the Kensington overpass before it was changed. You can see how dangerous the merge lane was, Google Earth

You can see from the photos that the white lanes are much longer and there is a distinct lane now for drivers coming from Broadway.

If only drivers paid attention to white lines.

“My experience is that the some of the westbound traffic with the right of way ignore this ‘no-go’ zone, aggressively,” said the reader, who has spent a lot of time using this overpass. “This too is dangerous to drivers not expecting to have to worry about their yielded merge until the end of the ‘no-go’ zone. The road is straighter and mirrors and shoulder checks are more reliable.”

See, even when the city makes good decisions with changes, drivers are too reckless to stay in their lanes.

Be better people. Pay attention and follow the white lines.

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