Opinion: Burnaby ratrunners going too fast to notice road closed. Hilarity ensures

Chris Campbell

Score one for road justice.

Fresh off my column about the return of many ratrunners to Burnaby roads, I’ve received some responses from city residents sharing their tales of woe.

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There was the woman who wrote about hundreds of refinery workers wrecking the peaceful calm of one Burnaby Heights neighbourhood.

Now comes another Heights tale that offers a little humour.

Mark told me about the 3800 block of Dundas Street in North Burnaby. Currently, the City of Burnaby is resurfacing the intersection at Esmond and Dundas and it is closed to all traffic.

A road closed sign is posted at Ingleton and Dundas, although the ratrunners completely ignore the sign and continue to proceed.

Once they realize that the next intersection is closed they must either back up the entire block or negotiate a U-turn in tight quarters.

“If you have the time, come on by and have a chuckle at this madness,” Mark said.

So I did.

And it’s true. See, many of these Heights streets are so narrow that if there are vehicles are park on both sides, then it makes it really tough to turn around.

And I witnessed at least one vehicle at around 8 a.m. have to stop. At first, the driver just put it into reverse and tried to back up the entire block, but were stymied when another vehicle approached that was trying to park up ahead.

That meant the driver had to go forward to the construction and then pull a painful U-turn.

Maybe, you know, pay attention next time? The problem is that these ratrunners are racing to same time during rush hour. The Heights ratrunners are trying to avoid Hastings.

Cue the tiny violins.

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