Opinion: Burnaby RCMP nail maniac speeding in the snow

Chris Campbell

What’s the first rule of driving in the snow?

Slow down. Take a breath and drive slower than you normally do because it’s icy out and your vehicle won’t be able to stop like it would in pristine conditions.

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Sounds obvious, but some maniacs just aren’t getting the message.

The Burnaby RCMP traffic enforcement unit has recently set up some speed traps on Marine Way, just east of Boundary road, where the speed limit drops from 70 km/h to 50 km/h.

The unit caught one driving doing 101 km/h in a 50 km/h zone –that is twice the legal limit. That is highway speed in snowy and icy conditions.

That’s ridiculously dangerous behaviour. Now the driver loses their vehicle for seven days and receives a $368.

Recently, drivers were nailed in this area doing 98, 102 and 136 km/h. . For the maniac clocked at 136 km/h, that means a $483 ticket and losing their vehicle for a week. Doing 136 is excessive even for a highway. 

This comes on the heels of another jerk caught doing 105 km/h in a 50 km/h zone on Friday in Burnaby.

Drivers, you shouldn’t even be doing the speed limit in this terrible conditions. You should be under the limit.

Better yet, leave your vehicle at home if you can’t resist driving fast. Take transit or work from home if you can.

We’ll be safer to have you off of the road.

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