Opinion: Burnaby residents owe it to our city to give transportation input

The City of Burnaby is still looking to hear from residents about updating hits transportation plan.

The city is growing at a rapid rate, with a population at or near 250,000.

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Getting people around our city is not easy and we need to reduce our reliance on vehicles to help fight climate change.

So the city is updating its plans. Here’s how they describe the plan.

“The Burnaby Transportation Plan is the City's guiding policy document for transportation. It establishes the long-term vision for moving people, goods, and services in the City, while integrating and achieving environmental, social, economic, and community development goals.

“The first edition of the Burnaby Transportation Plan was adopted in 1979 and the second in 1995. Much has changed in the City and region related to growth, demographics, lifestyles, climate change, transportation and housing affordability, health, space constraints, economic development, the sharing economy, technology, policy, public expectations, and limited funding resources.

“A new Burnaby Transportation Plan will enable Burnaby to respond to these changes, plan for the challenges ahead, and coordinate investments to meet the City's strategic transportation goals. It provides an opportunity to think about the "big picture", consider innovative approaches, consider a broad range of solutions, and seek opportunities that best achieve multiple goals and objectives in alignment with the community's values.”

Phase 1 of the Plan update (Setting a Direction - complete) established the Vision, Themes and Goals that will drive the Plan. Phase 2 (Building the Proposals – where we are now), will decide the Big Moves, set targets and establish the policies and networks needed to shape the City over the next 30 years.

So, click here and have your say.

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