Opinion: Don’t Burnaby truckers need tire treads? Apparently not

Chris Campbell

I had new tires put on my car last year because I didn’t like the grip while I was driving.

The tire installer said my old tires were probably good for another year, but said it was likely best that I too action now.

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If only certain truck drivers and trucking companies felt the same way.

On the weekend, Burnaby RCMP said they impounded a commercial truck and ticketed the driver for driving on “bald and bulging” tires in our city.

The driver was also ticketed for having insecure dangerous goods and insecure cargo.

You can see the photo of the vehicle being impounded above.

Maybe it’s just me, but driving “dangerous goods” around Burnaby on “bald and bulging” tires seems like a reckless thing to do.

I get that driving a truck is expensive with escalating gas prices and constant maintenance, but that comes with the territory. You have to maintain your vehicle to protect yourself and other people while out on the road.

If you’re too cheap to do that then you have no business being a commercial truck driver.

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