Opinion: Hey, Burnaby drivers, they’re called winter tires. You should try them

Chris Campbell

I live on Burnaby Mountain and so I expect there will be more snow than most other parts of Metro Vancouver.

That’s why I have winter tires on my vehicle.

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See the cause-and-effect logical thought process I have used in order to spare myself some agony. Other Burnaby drivers should consider the same type of common sense, especially those who live and work on Burnaby Mountain.

This morning, the mountain got a huge dump of snow – more than other parts of Metro Vancouver. It was pretty thick and it was sticking because the temperatures are just a little bit colder at the top of the mountain.

After digging out my vehicle – so much exercise! – I drove to work and discovered a bit of vehicle graveyard while rolling (slowly) down the hill. There were four vehicles stuck in the snow – some at the side of the road, some in the middle. Two were still gunning their engines and making their tires spin out in a futile attempt to get moving.


I stopped to take a photo for this column and spoke to one of the stuck drivers who was calling for a tow truck. This person said they didn’t have winter tires, despite the fact that they attended school full-time at SFU.

I’m sorry, Burnaby drivers, but if you know it’s going to snow and you regularly go somewhere that can get heavy snow, I have little sympathy if you haven’t bothered to have proper tires put on your vehicle. People, of course, don't want the extra expense and so they take a chance that it won't snow much.

How is that working for you?

Also, I have no sympathy for people who show no reasonable evidence that they have brains by the way they drive in snowy conditions.

You. Have. To. Slow. Down.

You can’t drive as fast as you normally do because it’s slick and slippery. I can’t believe I even have to write this because it’s so bloody obvious, but based on my drive to work, here we are.

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