Opinion: Hey, dummy, don’t bring a replica gun to a Burnaby school campus

Chris Campbell

Shootings on school campuses are at epidemic proportions in the U.S.

Students here in Burnaby are well aware of these shootings and so when news started to spread about a man with a gun on Simon Fraser University’s campus, it rightly freaked out a lot of people. (SFU is taking some heat for how it handled the incident.)

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I started receiving panicked messages Tuesday afternoon from friends who either work at SFU or who have kids who attend school there.

This stuff spreads like a wildfire thanks to electronic devices.

In the end, Burnaby RCMP arrested a 19-year-old male who was found in the WAC Bennett library wearing a ball cap with an RCMP logo and a replica gun in a bag “allegedly in his possession,” say Burnaby police.

simon fraser university
Simon Fraser University. SFU PHOTO

So far, there are no charges. What I’m dumbfounded by is what could have possibly motivated this idiot to carry a replica gun onto a school campus in a time of so many mass shootings.

There was a report of a male seen carrying a gun so it seems logical that this person didn’t exactly make it a secret that he had the replica gun in his possession. Perhaps they wanted to freak people out. Some people want to be at the centre of attention.

Carrying it is dumb enough – making it visible to people is enraging.

I can’t believe I actually have to write this, but don’t do something like this. It’s irresponsible and offensive. Give your bloody head a shake.

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