Opinion: Idiot Burnaby shopping cart thieves dump masterful 'score'

Chris Campbell

The last time I wrote about people taking shopping carts in Burnaby, a few folks on Facebook argued about my use of the word “thieves.”

They claimed that since the people involved hadn’t taken the coins from the linked carts left on Lougheed Highway, then the motive wasn’t thievery.

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But these idiots took the carts from the shopping centres they found them in, so that is stealing.

The shopping carts aren’t theirs to take. Stores aren’t giving them away.

This has come up again because another batch of shopping carts was dumped in virtually the same spot – Lougheed Highway between Bell and Austin near Lougheed SkyTrain station.

NOW reader Carrie McLaren tweeted out a photo of them and I dropped by the check them out.

Some are from WalMart, which is located nearby, and others are from a store across North Road.

shopping carts burnaby
These are just a few of the shopping carts dumped on Lougheed Highway in Burnaby. Chris Campbell photo

Someone decided to steal them and lug them all that distance. Either that, or they were stolen individually and someone has gathered them up and left them sitting at the side of the road.

Either way, it’s pretty shameful behaviour. You’d think this activity would drop with the closure of the Lougheed Safeway, but, sadly, no.

Burnaby has some real criminal masterminds at work here. Imagine if they put this much effort into an actual paying job, they might get somewhere in life.

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