Opinion: Insane drivers caught going the wrong way to avoid a crash. Wait, what?

Chris Campbell

The Drive BC Twitter account is one of the go-to places you check if you want to know about traffic snarls.

It’s run by the province’s transportation ministry and staff monitor all of the traffic cameras.

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On Sunday morning, one of this account’s tweets rocked my brain because it highlighted the stupidity of other humans.

A multi-vehicle crash on Highway 91 closed the road, leading to an insane traffic jam of people in the pouring rain.

“Please do not drive the wrong way down the highway to avoid this, it’s making a dangerous situation worse,” tweeted Drive BC.

Wait, what?

Just look at the photo and see the vehicles doing insane stuff.

This is crazy. It’s shocking and I’ve seen a lot of terrible behaviour by drivers. If you are ever faced with a situation like this, just suck it up and be stuck. Turn on some music. Relax. Being late to wherever you are going is much better than driving the wrong way on a road just because you are impatient.

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