Opinion: Is Mr. Paper Plate Burnaby’s most idiotic scammer? Yup

Chris Campbell

Some people will resort to the most idiotic actions in order to skirt the rules to save time or to save a little money.

I still remember interviewing a guy 20 years ago when I worked in Maple Ridge after he got caught with a blow-up sex doll in his passenger seat.

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He was doing it so he could use the HOV lane.

You just can’t make this stuff up.

So I wasn’t surprised when a37-year-old Burnaby man was caught with a fake paper licence plate on a motorcycle.

The man was first caught while riding a motorcycle in the Brentwood area on Aug. 8. Local Mounties ran his plates, which came back as “invalid insurance,” according to Burnaby RCMP. After police pulled the man over, the officers discovered the plate was just a piece of paper.

Look, I get that ICBC insurance is expensive and that this is a tough time due to COVID-19, but this isn’t how to react to those two things.

And it ended up costing him $983 in tickets for not having insurance, a licence plate or a valid driver’s licence, according to police, so it backfired big time.

But I was shocked at what happened next.

This moron was caught again after police responded to an unrelated medical call at a home in a residential area west of Brentwood mall on Sept. 21.

During that call, an officer spotted a motorcycle with a paper licence plate in the yard, according to police.

The owner was the same man but it was a different motorcycle, police said.

Police returned later in the week with a search warrant and seized that motorcycle as well, according to police.

The man now faces charges of forgery and identity theft since the plate number he used was a valid one belonging to someone else.

Like I said, you just can’t make this stuff up. One time, maybe I could understand, but a second time just looks like someone who thinks they don’t have to operate in our society like everyone else.

Enjoy taking the bus.

  • With files from Cornelia Naylor

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