Opinion: Medical waste dumped on a Burnaby street. This is getting scary

Chris Campbell

My recent blogs on dumping have unleashed a tsunami of reports from Burnaby residents.

The latest incident includes bags of medical waste dumped on a Burnaby street – this time on Albert at Ingleton in the Heights.

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There are lots of clinics, doctor’s offices and labs around our city and all generate potentially dangerous waste, including needles and materials infected with germs.

These should be disposed of properly, but not all people are ethical and so you get this.

Or, perhaps it’s a single person whose medical condition generates significant waste. It could also be a caregiver who was too lazy to dispose of their client’s medical waste.

Whoever did it, it’s dangerous and needs to stop.

These photos follow my recent columns detailing construction waste being dumped in back alleys, as well as the City of Burnaby saying it has spent more than $113,000 in tax dollars to clean up after illegal dumpers.

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