Opinion: Pay it forward, Burnaby, by pushing stuck drivers today

Chris Campbell

OK, sure, everyone should either stay home or take transit due to the snow, right?

It’s a mess out there today (Wednesday) with all Burnaby schools closed and the snow piling up.

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But for some people, driving is a necessity and so these brave (foolish?) souls are in their vehicles right now trying to get to work.

That means some drivers will be getting stuck trying to get around in Burnaby. Some hills are in particularly rough shape through the combination of snow and ice due to sub-zero temperatures.

If you see someone who is stuck, I am imploring you to give them a little push.

Don’t just stand there and watch them struggle. I say this after an incident on Monday. I don’t have access to underground parking so my car was buried on Burnaby Mountain (see the photo above – that’s me!).

File photo Dan Toulgoet

After digging out using a scraper (so much fun!), I managed to slide back into a different spot that had been thoroughly shovelled out.

I was halfway out of this parking spot and onto the road when my tires started spinning. Even with my winter tires, my car was still struggling to get that final bit of traction because my car was facing uphill on a steep slope.

I counted about 15 people who stared at me as they walked by. One awful dude had a smirk on his face. Hopefully nothing bad happens to him.

And then, suddenly, I heard an angelic voice. It was a polite man who asked if I wanted some help.

He then proceeded to push and after about 20 seconds it finally worked and I was on my way.

The only issue was he was wearing a Boston Bruins toque. I felt so conflicted.

Since then, I have paid this kindness forward by helping push several other vehicles.

I urge all of you to do the same. Sure, you might get your shoes and pants a little dirtier, but you’ll feel better about yourself.

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