Opinion: Putting ‘free’ on your reckless dumping is still dumping

Chris Campbell

It’s difficult to see in my crappy photo above, but there is a “free” sign on this couch.

The couch is beat up and no sane human being would want this dirty piece of garbage in their home so saying it’s “free” isn’t sweetening the deal.

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No, this couch was dumped on a Burnaby’s 16th Avenue with the “free” sign because some terrible person was too lazy and/or cheap to dispose of it properly.

So, they tried to assuage their guilt – if they have any – by taking a piece of paper, writing “free” on it and then dumping it on a street.

I see this all the time in Burnaby.

Garbage old furniture dumped on a curb with “free” signs on them as though these wretched humans are doing people a favour by giving away their garbage.

Gee, thanks, I really wanted to redecorate with your stuff that’s looks like it’s been beat up by the old American Tourister gorilla.

I have a better idea. Take it to a waste transfer station or call the City of Burnaby or Big Brothers – anything other than trying to get away with dumping in our beautiful city.

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