Opinion: Readers list the ugliest Burnaby ratrunner routes

Chris Campbell

My blog about the scary racetrack that is Imperial and the terrible crossing for cyclists on the bike route at Morley/Humphries spawned swift response from readers.

Basically, they said Imperial should hold the beer for the following scary ratrunner routes.

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Readers listed off a number of intersections they say are dangerous and need intervention from the City of Burnaby.

I’ve whittled down the responses to three for now.

  1. Armstrong Avenue and Cumberland Street. Readers say ratrunners speed along Amstrong to avoid heavier traffic on 16th and 10th during rush hour times. Things get rough at Cumberland, tweeted @JustinNTurcotte: “A designated bike route that is completely dangerous and near-impossible to cross during commuting hours.”
  2. Reader @Swampo nominated Cliff Avenue and Curtis for people trying to avoid Duthie during busy times, saying it’s difficult to cross. “But, overall, kudos to City of Burnaby for improvements over the years on my commute from Barnet to Central Park. Excited for the new bike path along Kensington.”
  3. A reader who wanted to go by the name of Barnicus said that in the Edmonds/High Gate area, it’s 16th Avenue because people are trying to avoid Kingsway and Edmonds Street. But the street isn't designed for fast-moving traffic as drivers race east and west, making life dangerous for area residents, many of whom are children.

Ratrunning is a dangerous game because many of these routes are narrow and drivers are racing to make up time after being stuck in traffic.

It’s tempting to turn onto one of these side streets and floor it, but drivers must remember the dangers they pose to people who live in these quiet neighbourhoods.

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