Opinion: Some clown defaced a Burnaby path to warn bad dog owners

Chris Campbell

Look, I get it – people are frustrated with bad dog owners and dumpers and other people who don’t care about our community.

The frustration bubbles up until you decide to take action. This often results in yelling at people for their transgressions or delivering that old standby – the middle-finger salute.

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But it also apparently leads to public vandalism, like the kind you can see in the photo above.

Burnaby resident Carrie McLaren tweeted out this photo of a warning to dog owners spray painted on the ground. I haven’t been able to confirm where exactly this happened yet, but I’ll update when I do.

In the meantime, you can read the message and react in two ways. One, you can applaud this person for warning bad dog owners to do better. Two, you can be frustrated that someone resorted to vandalism to get this accurate message across.

dog poop burnaby
Someone attached little flags to each bag to let people know not to step on them. Carrie McLaren photo

Like I said, I get it. Seeing that dog owners took the time to bag up the poop, but then didn’t dispose of it properly is maddening and ridiculous. Seriously, you couldn’t make it the few extra feet to finish off the job?

I *guess* it’s better than not bagging it up at all, but not by much. (Perhaps the spray paint is the kind that washes away in the rain.)

All I know is vandalism is no way to solve a problem.

This same person also attached little flags to each bag to let people know not to step on them (see the second photo attached to this blog). I’m not sure why they didn’t also just throw them out, but who knows? Maybe they were left there to send a message.

I don’t own a dog, but I’m still going to lecture them for not properly disposing the excrement. Having a dog comes with responsibilities. Act like a grownup.

The same goes for the vandal.

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