Opinion: South Burnaby is a bit of a dumping ground for stolen vehicles

Chris Campbell

The Burnaby RCMP’s Crime Reduction Bulletin is out for October 2019 and there are a couple of interesting things to note.

The bulletin is chock full of information about where certain crimes are happening in Burnaby, including a heat map of where crimes happen, and maps showing the locations of break and enters, thefts from autos and theft of autos.

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One map on auto crime also shows where stolen vehicles have been recovered in our city.

Most of the ones for October show these vehicles being recovered in South Burnaby, especially around Metrotown and along Kingsway.

burnaby crime map
The light blue icons show recovered vehicles in Burnaby, with most in October being found south of Metrotown and Kingsway. Screenshot

Not a big surprise because the heat map shows that this area is the worst area when it comes to crime.

There were 12 vehicles recovered in South Burnaby compared to just three in North Burnaby.

Another map shows that thefts from vehicles is once again top crime perpetrated in Burnaby.

Yet another map shows that when it comes to break and enters, thieves pick on businesses more than they do individual homes. That seems surprising because you’d expect businesses to have more sophisticated alarm systems.

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