Opinion: This Burnaby sidewalk to nowhere is frustratingly incomplete

Chris Campbell

Sometimes when the City of Burnaby fixes something, things feel so darn incomplete.

Take the intersection of Holdom Avenue and Pandora Streets in Burnaby’s Capitol Hill area.

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The sidewalks leading into the crosswalk were terrible and needed fixing. They were broken up, clumsy and too old to accommodate people with mobility issues.

So, the city set out to fix the corner in the photo above, adding a nice curb cut.

But then, you look across Pandora and what do you see? Well, you see no sidewalk on the other side and some scrubby brush. Sure, you can turn left and go up, but it seems so absurd to not continue this path for people.

I’m not the only one who thinks so. North Burnaby parent Dan Wood emailed me the photo.

Was just taking a walk with my child in a stroller and noticed that there is a new sidewalk at Holdom and Pandora streets that connect to nowhere?” Wood asked. “This is neither safe, nor a good image for the city.

“To elaborate: the problem is that only two corners (south side) of a four-corner intersection are being upgraded. One corner on the remaining northwest side has a unidirectional sidewalk. The other corner on the north east has no sidewalks at all so essentially when you’re crossing the street, you’re crossing into a bush.”

Wood wants the city to make more changes so this part of Capitol Hill is safer and walkable for everyone.

Otherwise, people are going nowhere fast.

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