Opinion: This could be Burnaby’s worst street for dumping

Chris Campbell

A group of Burnaby residents have been reaching out to me during the past few weeks about the issue of dumping.

They all say the same thing: 18th Street is the worst street in Burnaby for dumping.

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Now, I don’t know if it’s true that this is the “worst” street in Burnaby for dumping because there are some really heinous streets that get picked on by these terrible humans.

But I’ve had five separate people all email me during the past few weeks telling me about the problem on this one street.

The stretch of 18th Street is between 14th and 10th Avenues, between Stride elementary and Byrne Creek high school.

These area residents say the problem includes dumping along the street and in a vacant lot that sits between the two schools.

Since I started receiving these emails, I’ve dropped by this street a few times to take photos and it’s a mess. There’s lots of garbage strewn on the sidewalk, plus larger items that keep getting dumped in the area, ranging from giant chunks of Styrofoam to pieces of industrial metal.

Opinion: This could be Burnaby’s worst street for dumping_2
Giant chunks of building material are seen regularly along 18th Street. Chris Campbell photo

It’s a weird street because there is a mix of different properties. There two schools, a construction site, a church, some light industrial and residential properties.

I believe the more industrial an area feels, the more enticing it is for dumpers, but that might just be me.

“I’m just fed up,” read an email from an area residents. “Go pick on somebody else.”

I don’t know if better lighting on the street would help, although the vacant lot that is covered in messy bushes could be stripped down to make it tougher for dumpers to hide while they are committing their illegal acts.

If you think your area is worse, let me know.

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