Opinion: This map shows Burnaby’s #1 crime. And it’s often our fault

Chris Campbell

The latest crime maps were emailed today by the Burnaby RCMP Crime Prevention Unit.

The maps are distributed to volunteers with various community groups who partner with the RCMP to try and reduce crime. They show crime data up until Aug. 1, 2019.

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If you scroll through the images above, you’ll see a map detailing auto-related crimes – which are far more common than break-and-enter crimes in Burnaby.

The red dots show auto thefts, while the green dots show theft from autos – the most common crime in Burnaby.

Nobody deserves to have their vehicle broken into, but it’s often our own fault why are vehicles are targeted. That’s because people leave items in their vehicles that look appealing to criminals looking for a quick score.

Shopping bags. Backpacks. Clothing. Loose change. The list goes on and on – even an empty bag can look like it has something in it from a certain angle. If you have to have something in your vehicle, at least put it into the trunk. If your vehicle’s interior looks barren, chances are thieves will go elsewhere.

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