The B.C. government just re-announced housing funding for Burnaby. For some reason.

Chris Campbell

A reader reached out on the weekend wondering why the Burnaby NOW hadn’t reported on Saturday’s B.C. government announcement about new supportive housing in Burnaby for women and children fleeing violence.

I wondered about that myself. Then I realized that the announcement sounded pretty familiar.

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Looking back, I realized the NOW had, in fact, reported on this – seven weeks ago when it was first announced. You can read the original story here.

I compared our original story with an emailed news release on Saturday and realized they were basically the same.

The Dixon Transition Society will operate up to 20 units of permanent affordable housing for women and children.

It’s a great idea and a longtime coming. But why are they announcing it twice within eight weeks? Did the original news release not getting enough media attention?

It did this time. Several news outlets did stories on this. I’m not sure how they missed the last announcement, but that’s on them.

It’s an irritating part of being in the media to have to sift through government announcements trying to determine what’s new and what’s just a regurgitation of previously announced funding. I've seen some projects get re-announced four or five times.

It’s exhausting.

And remember, it’s your tax dollars at work to pay people to churn out all this “information.”

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