This Burnaby road has become a graveyard for shopping carts

Chris Campbell

I’ve been driving Gaglardi Way in Burnaby nearly every day for the past two years.

One thing I’ve noticed is this road gets some weird things left on it. Like a vehicle bumper that’s been laying on the grass for the past three months, either from an accident or from a car being neglected so much that the thing just fell off.

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I’ve seen lots of other things along this stretch of road. Boxes, fast food containers, chunks of vehicle tires.

Oh, and shopping carts. Lots of them.

They come and they go. Right now, there are two shopping carts in two spots midway up Gaglardi that have been sitting there for about two months.

shopping cart
You can see a shopping cart that has been at the side of Gaglardi Way in Burnaby for about two months. Chris Campbell photo

They make the road look trashy when it should look pristine because it’s right at the edge of a forest.

The weirdest thing is how these shopping carts keep getting left at the side of this road. There is no sidewalk, just grass. And it’s up the hill from a housing development – Forest Grove – with little access due to a thicket of trees.

So, how does someone keep dragging these carts up the hill on the grass and for what purpose? Perhaps it's people who are homeless and this is the only way to transport their stuff. If true, that is a ton of work and it makes me sad that they have to go to these lengths to transport their belongings.

It’s a mystery, for sure, but it sure makes Gaglardi look ugly.

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