This Heights restaurant has the best lobster dish in Burnaby

Chris Campbell

I want to explain the headline for a minute - there’s a difference between having lobster and eating a lobster dish.

There are places in Burnaby that will steam you up a two-pound lobster while in season, hand you some tools and serve it all with a vat of melted butter. The lobster might be tender or it might be a little tough, but if you dunk it into enough butter you tend to not care.

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But if you’re looking for a chef to take succulent lobster and turn it into a work of art, then go to the Pear Tree Restaurant.

Lobster is in season so the Pear Tree offered up an amazing dish that won’t last long on the menu. But that’s the beauty of fine dining. The menus tend to change up on a regular basis depending on the time of year and what’s fresh.

So you just show up at the Pear Tree and let them take you on a journey for that time of year.

On Friday night, that mean chanterelle mushroom gnocchi with chargrilled lobster tail with braised fennel and romano beans.

The fennel is what really did it for me. The lobster, of course, was cooked to perfection, but it’s that bit of fennel that really just washes over your tastebuds.

Burnaby doesn’t have many elite fine-dining restaurants compared to Vancouver, but the ones they have are pretty special.

Sometimes it’s just nice to get away from the noise of a casual restaurant, including crying children, and enjoy a meal that is often the sudden inspiration of a chef based on what fresh ingredients are available.

Food can be an adventure – especially when the climax includes a warm lemon tart.

DISCLAIMER: I have not be paid by this restaurant or compensated by them in any way to write about its food. They don’t even know I am writing about them.

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