This is where you go in Burnaby when you crave chicken at 2 a.m.

Chris Campbell

When you hit the age of 50 – as I did last year – the words “awake at 2 a.m. and “me” don’t usually belong in the same sentence.

At that time of the morning, I like to be fast asleep – or, at the very least, in my bed listening to music.

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Recently, however, I found myself awake at 2 a.m. (shudders) and on the mean streets of Burnaby.

And not just driving around, but actually hungry, so I decided to indulge in some late-night food. After all, I knew I would be a basket case the next day, so I might as well run with it.

I pulled over and pulled out the ol’ Google machine to see what was available this late – or this early.

I was craving chicken, but found myself in a dilemma. It turns out Burnaby has two 24-hour places to find chicken.

There’s Hi Five Chicken, which opened its second Lower Mainland location at Crest Plaza, 8669 - 10th Ave., in Burnaby late last year. The eatery specializes in chicken sandwiches, but there are a few vegetarian options for people who don’t eat meat, including mac and cheese bites, cheddar cheese munchers and fiestabold poppers.

And then there’s Church’s Chicken, which has multiple Burnaby locations.

What’s a hungry, exhausted fellow to do? As it turns out, I was nearly in the middle of the two so there wasn’t necessarily a time advantage.

In the end, I wasn’t able to access the Hi Five website, so I ended up at Church’s Chicken.

People talk a lot about where to eat in our community, but that’s usually during the day. It’s nice to know there’s options available for night owls.

Even me.

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