This knucklehead nearly mowed down two Burnaby pedestrians on a right turn

Chris Campbell

If you are driving out there on Burnaby’s streets, here’s a pro tip if you’re going to turn right.

Before you do anything, stop and look to see if there are any people in the crosswalk.

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If there are, don’t turn right.

Sounds simple, but as this video from NOW reader Tristan Calvo shows in the dash cam video below, it’s really hard for some knuckleheads to get the message.

It takes place at Imperial and Central. You can clearly see two pedestrians step off the curb and enter the crosswalk after the walk signal begins.

And you can also clearly see a driver not even look as he turns right, nearly hitting at least one of the pedestrians. He doesn’t even slow down – he just takes off.

People, be better. Be a lot better.

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