Video: Driver with a death wish hops Burnaby curb during terrible U-turn

U-turns – the last refuge of driving scoundrels.

“Oh, I don’t want to be heading in this direction so I’ll just pull a U-turn in the middle of traffic and risk some lives because I’m entitled.”

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No, actually if you find yourself in this situation, you go to the nearest intersection and make the proper turns to get yourself sorted out. You don’t risk other people’s lives.

Case in point, a video sent in by a NOW reader (see it below) that he shot on Saturday on Government Street, just south of Lougheed Highway.

I used to live in this neighbourhood and saw this kind of behaviour often because people seem to get turned around in trying to find the mall.

Here, some doofus pulls a U-turn but does a terrible job, turning in front of Lee and hopping a curb because they didn’t leave themselves enough room.

They can’t even get this illegal move down right. Stop telling me it's pedestrians and cyclists who are the problem.

Good grief.

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