(Video) I just witnessed a dramatic takedown of 2 suspects. It was textbook

Chris Campbell

Paul Blart, eat your heart out.

The cinematic mall cop gave all private security staff a bad name with his buffoonish behaviour.

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But I witnessed the exact opposite at around 3:45 p.m. Friday afternoon at Metrotown mall in Burnaby.

I was leaving the mall via a southeast exit when I heard some yelling in the distance. Suddenly, two males – including one wearing a black mask covering his face – burst through the doors. One male headed one direction, the other tried to sprint the other way.

The one not wearing a mask didn’t get but a few steps because several mall security staff came flying out of the mall doors and tackled him to the ground. I saw a pair of handcuffs pulled out as security leaned on him so he couldn’t move.

A few security chased after the masked man, who also didn’t get far. I could hear a whiny, moaning sound that made it clear that he too had been caught.

I ran over and saw that he was surrounded by several security, including one who was on top of him trying to put on handcuffs. A car pulled up and another security officer got out to support the others.

They were all in contact over some sort of radio system.

It was quite the operation – well-organized, focused and calm.

Being calm isn’t easy under the circumstances because I’m sure they were all jacked on adrenaline. But they weren’t yelling. They weren’t what I would call rough with the suspects. Just firm.

The masked one did moan a lot, but that sounded like it was for show. I’m sure he wasn’t thrilled at getting caught and was acting out.

I don’t know what these suspects were accused of because nobody from the mall was talking. It was an impressive display. These staff did their employers proud, from what I saw.

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