Hawes was losing sleep - shouldn't we all?

Once in a while a politician takes issue with his or her own party's policies. Sometimes it's motivated by personal ambition, sometimes by conscience.

We believe that MLA Randy Hawes' decision to blast his own Liberal government for failing developmentally disabled adults is a plea from the heart. As Hawes said, "there's no issue that's caused me more loss of sleep or more concern than those most vulnerable people."

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He was speaking during a discussion about an NDP motion calling for a halt to further closures of group homes pending a review. Hawes rightly said that he would have preferred a top-to-bottom review of Community Living B.C. But the Liberals were having none of that - and no wonder. The Liberals were caught lying about the issue, and, while Premier Christy Clark demoted Harry Bloy, the minister in charge of the agency (which falls under the Ministry of Social Development), one can assume they sure don't want any behind-the-scenes dirty laundry aired now.

Their solution to the problem of vulnerable people being mistreated and neglected by the government? Step one: get rid of the minister in charge, Bloy; step two; remove CLBC CEO Rich Mowles, step three; hope it all goes away.

While Premier Clark is calling for public humiliation of rioters and handing out money for Grey Cup festivities, there are people who are just trying to keep their loved ones safe and cared for. Saving money on the backs of those who can neither earn more, nor find cheaper social services, is simply wrong. They deserve our attention.

They, like us, are wondering whatever happened to that campaign slogan, "families first."

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