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Is this the last we've seen of Laura-Lynn in Burnaby politics? Not likely

People are somehow crowing about how Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson didn’t win Burnaby South.
Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson
Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson.

People are somehow crowing about how Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson didn’t win Burnaby South.

Sure, she didn’t win, but I don’t know anyone except Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson and some hard-care People’s Party of Canada supporters who truly thought she could win.

But that doesn’t mean she didn’t score a victory of sorts.

Tyler Thompson pulled in a shocking 10.7 per cent of the vote on Monday night. By contrast, the two PPC candidates in Outremont, Que. and York-Simcoe, Ont. pulled in less than two per cent.

And those were votes she likely took away from Conservative candidate Jay Shin, although perhaps not all of those people would have even voted if not for the PPC – some supporters interviewed by the NOW said they had never voted before. And even if all of them did, it still wouldn’t have beaten Singh. But optics matter and the Conservatives coming in a close second would bode well this fall.

The results mean that Tyler Thompson will likely be back in Burnaby South when the fall federal election rolls around – she told the NOW as much in a previous interview.

This likely means we’ll have to listen to her whine some more about her struggles as a white child in Uganda – oh the humanity.

It likely means we’ll have to listen to Tyler Thompson continue to exploit the murder of Burnaby teenager Marrisa Shen.

It means her gaggle of supporters will continue to disrupt all-candidates’ meetings with shouts of “terrorists!” and “Canadians first!” like we’re at a Trump rally.

It means politics will get dragged further into the gutter, although some of the other parties are doing a fine job of that as well.

No, Tyler Thompson did well for herself. Politics, not so much.

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