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Letter: 4 flaggers + 4-way stop = 1 big Burnaby headache

Reader mystified by city move at intersection that “accomplishes nothing ― other than screwing up already overloaded and busy streets.”
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Recent deployment of traffic control flaggers at a Burnaby four-way stop have one reader questioning city priorities.


I am a resident of North Burnaby and regularly use the intersection at Willingdon Avenue and Albert Street, two, sometimes three, times per day.

Normally this is a four-way stop and has been for the past 18 years or so that I have lived in the neighbourhood.

Recently, I am not sure exactly when, someone, I suppose in the engineering department or a similar department at city hall has made the brilliant idea of putting four flag people at the four-way stop on the corner of Willingdon and Albert ― but only during rush hour.

I am to understand this is to better move traffic on Willingdon while backing up and delaying traffic on Albert.

Now like I said, these flaggers are only there through rush hour traffic when they can do the most damage ― and then at times all four of them need to sit down and take whatever work breaks they are mandated and then no flagging gets done and it goes back to the stop and go of a four-way stop. My point being this obviously is not really that important nor needed.

To be perfectly blunt, this is an idiotic decision that some genius in city hall has come up with that accomplishes nothing ― other than screwing up already overloaded and busy streets. While I might add paying four flaggers. This is the best use of tax dollars? Really?

Tonight when I dared ask why they are even there in the first place when the guy only allowed two cars through on Albert and stopped me at the stop sign due to a pedestrian (I guess they do not have to wait).

The flagger's response was go a different route if I don't like it and try having some patience. Well, considering I had just sat there six minutes to go one block, I feel I was patient.
This of course is on top of the hour and quarter I have already been in traffic to get home (for perspective I have a 15-minute drive from work when there is no traffic). What causes this kind of traffic snarl you ask?

Well usually it is East Hastings and The Heights with all the pedestrian controlled lights and left turns. I guess no one can think of any way to move East Hastings any faster ― like fixing the lights.

So people take the back routes ― like on Albert and Willingdon ― so the answer to all that extra traffic is "Let's put flaggers in at a four-way and screw up traffic even more."

Good job, city hall, good job!

Yours truly,
Grant Dawson

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