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Letter: Are 'hubris and ego' stopping Dr. Henry from mandating masks?

Editor: Congratulations Mr. Fin Donnelly. You won my riding (of Coquitlam-Burke Mountain). I didn’t vote for you, but you got the job so now I would like you to prove me wrong.
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Photo Dan Toulgoet


Congratulations Mr. Fin Donnelly. You won my riding (of Coquitlam-Burke Mountain). 

I didn’t vote for you, but you got the job so now I would like you to prove me wrong. Because your party decided to have an election in the middle of a pandemic, we now have exploding COVID-19.

You guys did nothing but massage yourselves for five weeks.

Meanwhile, people have gotten sick and died.

Let’s see you turn it around. And you can start by (getting) Dr. Bonnie Henry to mandate mask-wearing for all of B.C. We are sick and tired of all the mixed messaging and lack of accountability out there.

Schools are festering with it. Teachers are going nuts. Parents are going nuts.  Health-care workers are burning out. Testing isn’t getting done. Airplanes are landing full of infected people and they are spawning out and spewing their virus everywhere.

Businesses are closing and jobs are disappearing, all because you are fiddling while “Rome” is burning.

Because the NDP here in Lotus Land B.C. haven’t had the balls to mandate mask-wearing in public, not only are you risking our lives, you are dumping the responsibility to enforce this protection on restaurant staff, drug store clerks, shopping mall workers and transportation employees to name a few.  That isn’t right and never will be. People who are wearing masks and protecting not only themselves but others have been doing it for months.

We are getting really fed up with those who are not. Yes, there will be medical exceptions and when you mandate it, the bylaw officers and police will be able to determine that dispensation should it be required. And if you don’t have enough people to ensure compliance with this, hire some more. 

Get them off the COVID relief and get them out there protecting us, gainfully employed.

People hated wearing seatbelts when the law first came in. It was created to protect us. Yes, a portion of the population refused to wear them. But the police enforced it and the majority swung with the program because it was right.

We can only have so much patience. Watching people flaunt the doctors and common sense intended to protect us all is making us mad. And we are only going to get more angry.

Whatever happened to governing for the benefit of the majority, not the minority during war or a pandemic?

Yes, we used to be the darling of the world, here in B.C. Low cases, low hospitalizations and even though still very sad, low death rates. We had a media star with Dr. Henry doing TV interviews.

Well, reality is spanking B.C. now. Beware of fame, how fast you can fall. We are looking like a joke now and the whole world is watching. 

Is it hubris and ego stopping her from doing what is right? If so, get it stopped.

So, Mr. Donnelly, please go to work now.

Wake the powers that be up in Victoria also and get them to go to work, too.  People are dying while you celebrate. Get the mask mandate in, get more testing sites. Straighten out the schools and give the teachers and staff what they need. 

Take care of our emergency workers. Hire the staff to enforce it all. And let’s see you prove me wrong and make me and others glad you won the election in Coquitlam Burke Mountain.

Pamela Postle, Coquitlam