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Letter: Big union's Burnaby development proposal is in the wrong spot

Area resident says neighbourhood can't handle this many homes
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A rendering of a development proposal by the BCGEU.


Opposition to the BCGEU’s Palm Avenue development proposal

I am opposed to the proposed BCGEU development on Palm Avenue and the fact that these meetings and information have been hard to find for the general public. 

I feel that the concept of 300 units with a minimum of 50% below market value is ideal, but in the wrong location. There is mention of a significant number of car stalls and a car wash. 

Shouldn't the residents that inhabit these towers rely on public transit rather than vehicles? The SkyTrain is right next door. 

A child-care facility is proposed. If this complex has this facility, where will these children and their siblings attend school? There is not a school nearby. It will put a burden on Clinton, Nelson and Marlborough, which are a distance away. 

The proposal is on a cut-de-sac with a possible lane.  How will firetrucks, ambulances or police vehicles deal with this problem when there is a crisis? 

It seems that BCGEU purchased this land because it is cheaper than north of Imperial. This isn't about compromising to the BCGEU's wants. Build this project in an appropriate area that is zoned for this proposal. 

Build it north of Imperial.

Donna Polos, Burnaby