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Letter: Brentwood school crunch isn't Burnaby district's fault

This former DPAC member points the finger of blame squarely at the B.C. government.
The need for new schools in the fast-developing Brentwood neighbourhood has been known for years, this Burnaby parent writes.


I just read the article about the lack of space available for students in the Brentwood area.

I just want to say that I was on the District Parent Advisory Council facilities committee in Burnaby back around 2014, and the lack of classroom space as Brentwood expanded was evident then.

The Burnaby school district had information from the city on the expansion; they knew that another school would be needed, and when we presented our five-year plan to the B.C. government asking for a new school, it was denied.

This went on for years as the numbers were presented showing lack of space, and the B.C. government did nothing. The Burnaby school district did its job.

Janet Reid