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Letter: Burnaby city workers with 'cushy jobs' shouldn't get priority at this daycare

Readers asks if city staff created daycare for themselves at taxpayers' expense
(via The Canadian Press/Darryl Dyck)


I'm writing in response to an earlier article about the new daycare coming to the Christine Sinclair Community Centre.

I waited thinking someone else would certainly throw their arms up at the city staff patting their own backs for creating new daycare spots at this beautiful new facility - for themselves?

In a sense it sounds great that there will be new daycare spots, but they're being given to the city workers (and RCMP) first. I agree that essential staff should be given priority. Other city staff, in their generally cushy jobs with great pay, should not be given priority on the daycare spots that are also needed by Burnaby citizens.

What makes them a priority?

They're using our tax dollars to create new spots for themselves, but making it look like they're doing something great for the community.

Just wanted to point that out as daycare is a huge issue for most parents I know. If you can find a spot, you'll work around their hours, and you'll hand over your paycheques for child care so that you can still have a job when your child finally goes to school.

Cait Pilon, Burnaby