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Letter: Burnaby needs regulations to prevent 'parking wars'

Many people still need cars, this writer says.
The City of Burnaby needs regulations to prevent "parking wars" both for on-street parking and in new multi-family developments, this writer says.

The Editor:

I am not in favour of reducing parking in new developments. Whether you use a vehicle for work or not, most people will have a vehicle, especially if you have children or older parents that will require being driven to appointments, etc.

My daughter lives in an apartment, and it is very difficult to find parking in her visitors parking area as well as on the street (most likely due to people living in the apartments).

I live in a single-family dwelling, and if I did not have a driveway for my guests to park, there would not be parking on the road in front of my home or around my home. The street cleaner comes, the city puts up signs, but no one ever moves their vehicle, and the front of my residence never gets cleaned unless I do it myself.

Now with the lane houses and more suites, maybe council needs to consider parking for this additional congestion so there are no parking wars.

Parking has become a real issue in the last five years. I have lived here for 30 years.

As for public transit — when working in Vancouver, I took SkyTrain, and the trains were full to capacity before they even got to the Edmonds station. (Great for spreading germs.)

So for planners to say everyone is going to use public transport: think again, is it convenient? Yes, when it's not early in the morning or after work, but not when transporting your children or disabled parents. How many of you have given up your vehicles to take public transit?

You need at least one stall per single unit and two for those with families, and maybe wider driveways for homes in neighbourhoods with suites.

Maria Robinson