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Letter: Burnaby police should crack down on Metrotown drug dealers so I can feel safe

An area resident speaks out about not feeling safe walking the streets.


I understand that Burnaby RCMP officers can’t be everywhere, but they still need to be somewhere when that place is where so many crimes happen.

The Metrotown area is filled with what appear to be street dealers who wander around doing their selling to a growing number of buyers who walk up to do business.

I see this stuff happening out in the open when I go for my walks around the neighbourhood. If I can see it happening, then surely the police can spot them easily and roust them out of our area.

The neighbourhood feels like it’s getting worse every day. There are so many homeless and people with mental illnesses wandering around. They need help. Government needs to step up and have more services. These people are preyed on by the drug dealers. I’ve seen them pushing homeless people and menacing them.

There are a lot of residents here who are willing to help and be a part of the solution. We just need someone with the courage to organize us so we can take actions.

I’ve lived in Metrotown for a long time and I want to feel proud and safe when I walk the streets. I don’t think that’s too much to ask.

H. Chan, Burnaby