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Letter: Burnaby riders giving up on transit - great job, TransLink

Writer wants transit authority to do more
TransLink says it is keeping an eye on passenger comfort when it comes to public transit use during the pandemic


(I read a story about how) Vancouver needs to step up its climate plan to reach the goals set for 2030 and mentions public transit as one of the measures it's going forward with.

But one only has to take a short scroll through Facebook to see daily posts how transit has failed them yet again; buses not showing up, or photos of people doing disgusting things, and then there's the weekly news about assaults on transit, or people without masks - the list is endless.

More and more, I see how people are posting that they are giving up on transit and buying a car. Great job TransLink - you have made transit the most unpleasant way to travel in the Lower Mainland.

Mik Mann, Burnaby