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Letter: Burnaby transit is an ‘unrideable s**tshow’ – thanks TransLink

Rider says rules not enforce and buses unreliable
TransLink says it is keeping an eye on passenger comfort when it comes to public transit use during the pandemic


I am thankfully working from home for a few weeks here in Burnaby as my employer is being cautious with the rise in Omicron-related cases.

I am thankful not because I want to be away from the office – I actually feel safe there - but because I don’t want to go anywhere near transit services in my city.

Thanks TransLink – your handling of COVID-19 measures has made taking a bus or the SkyTrain an unrideable s**tshow.

Also, you’re unreliable.

First, the COVID-19 measures. All the buses say masks are mandatory and yet I see people ignoring this every single day. I’ve had maskless people sit next to me on buses and SkyTrain cars and nobody from TransLink enforcing this joke of a rule.

Drivers just ignore maskless people. SkyTrain station also ignore them. I’ve even seen SkyTrain workers with their masks pulled down under their noses or chins.

No wonder the passengers ignore the rules.

It’s a terrible feeling to be on a busy bus and some people just smirking without a mask. I’ve seen it lead to tense confrontations between passengers.

As for the service, it’s really unreliable. Buses seem to be constantly late. The whole thing makes me want to buy a car.

Thanks again, TransLink.

Terry Hilton, Burnaby